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As if Santa made it himself. Rednose Christmas wine is a series of tasteful wines, made from the best grapes that have been transformed in the cellar of a renowned winery into award-winning quality wines in red and white. With sophisticated aromas and full, rich flavors. Powerful enough to serve at festive dinners and tempting enough to serve as a wine for enjoyment at all time. Unfeigned quality with an original wink to the time of the year.
Spanish class from Bodegas Olarra. The Rednose Christmas wines comes from the cellar of Bodegas Olarra. A winery in the heart of the Rioja, that is world famous for the characteristic wines that are made there. Modern techniques and authentic craftsmanship go hand in hand, resulting in tasteful and award-winning wines. It is not without a reason that Bodegas Olarra, which has already been voted “Best Spanish Wine Producer of the Year, is one of the twenty best wineries in the world!
Rednose • By Obrand

Christmas Wine

Ready to make a difference with a real quality wine? Then go for Rednose by OBRAND. Tasty Christmas wines with a label that radiate luxury and gives a wink to the time of the year. The perfect wine to serve and to give away as a Christmas gift. Would you like to know more about this unique wine concept or OBRAND? Mail us and we will contact you.


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